British Porn Star Decorative Rug

I was gonna call this rug “British Royalty” but I’m probably already on Parliament’s radar… Fun Fact: I’m part British, for those who didn’t know!!

Funner Fact: The Union flag was described initially as the “British flag” or “flag of Britain”. The term “Union” first appears in 1625 and “Jack” came on-board to describe a small flag flown by ships of the period from a flagstaff rigged on the bowsprit.

So batten down the hatches, sailor!! And show everyone that you’re not afraid to measure up with this saucy statement piece! I handmake these with 100% acrylic yarn and add a non-slip backing. You can totally walk on them, but I think my rugs are best as accent pieces instead of used in high traffic areas.

Handmade right here in the Worlds Famous Cult Shoppe!!

  • 24″ x 46″
  • 100% Acrylic
  • Spot Clean Only
  • Dry Vacuum Only
  • Do Not Machine Wash
  • Non-Slip Backing

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